The Team


Did They Help is a large project attempting to detail how corporations & public figures act.

As such, it has a worldwide team of volunteers that review, edit & prepare submissions, as well as update live profiles, proof read, on-board new volunteers, reply to communications & much more around their full time job. Below is a selection of some of these team members:

Team Members

Josh Yard


Josh is a keen actor, triathlete and board game player currently based in South London.

Becky Brown


Becky works in medical communications, focusing on behaviour change to improve outcomes for patients.

Mike Essex


Just taking it one day at a time.



Surrounding myself with great people. LinkedIn | Twitter

Leah Sharpe


Leah currently lives in Milan and has seen the development of the Covid-19 pandemic firsthand. She has previously worked in the criminal justice system in the UK.

Jack Ratcliffe

Web Dev

Jack is just a boy, standing in front of the internet, asking it to love him.

Bobby Ashley Lake Gale


Bobby lives in Canada where she works as a Senior IT Manager.

Sophie Armstrong

Sophie works for a medical communications agency and is interested in all things creative!

Keval Patel

Sr. Editor

Keval is an Operations manager, always ready for a challenge. His motto is life’s short, eat the cake. Find him @ LinkedIn