Support / Donations


Did They Help? is a volunteer-led organisation with no corporate funding or sponsorship. Its expenses are paid for by its founders and voluntary donations from supporters.

The major financial expense of DTH? is the cost of keeping the website online. The website uses three tools for this: a domain name, website hosting and a content-delivery network to help manage the high-levels of traffic the site receives.

These costs amount to around $80/month.

To pay for these, we’ve started inviting visitors to donate via either Ko-Fi (for one-off donations) or Patreon (for on-going donations):

Beyond these costs, DTH? requires full-time management and large website development contributions.

Our hope is that our income could become high enough that we could pay staff members full-time to continue to run, develop and evolve the website, in order to hold the most privileged companies and influential people in society to account.