Privacy Policy


Introduction and summary

This policy explains in detail how we protect your privacy, but to summarise for those short of time: We will never collect your personal data via this website except IP addresses (which would be for security/IT infrastructure purposes only) without telling you what data we’re asking for, why, and giving you the option whether you want to continue or not. Since we do not have any third-party advertisements on our website, or do any targeted advertising across the website ourselves, we only use analytics cookies. Please read on for our detailed policy.


  1. “We” / “us” / “our” / “the Site” = Did They Help Limited
  2. “You” / “your” = You, regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organisation, and regardless of whether you are using our Site on behalf of yourself or someone else
  3. “Personal information” / “personal data” = One or more piece(s) of information that could be used to personally identify you (for example, your name, date of birth or some kind of account number).

What personal information we collect (if any), and why

If you are just visiting/browsing our Site, the only personal information collected may be your machine’s IP address, which would be collected and monitored by a third-party on our behalf. This is not related to any other information and would only be stored for a short period. Monitoring IP addresses helps maintain the security and performance of our Site so that we can block traffic to our Site if it does not appear to be using our Site as expected. IP addresses can be used to infer your geographical location although this is not why your IP address would be collected, as explained above.

If you are in some way contributing to our Site or contacting us, for example you are submitting content for review, we ask for minimal personal information so that we can contact you about your submission/request if we need to. The form you complete in order to contribute to our Site or contact us will clarify this too so that you know what data we need from you, why, and have the option whether to proceed or not. We do not publish your personal data, or sell or pass on your personal data to anybody else / to any third-party. We do not use your personal data for any other purpose. If you need to retract a submission and/or your personal information, contact us on with a Subject line that includes ‘data’ and we can completely remove it from our system if that’s what you would like us to do. 


What are cookies (in this context)?

Far less fun than a sugar-laden treat, but arguably much more useful, cookies in the context of websites are files that are temporarily stored in your browser (usually for a number of weeks). Placing a cookie file in your browser’s temporary storage enables a website or third-party service to recognise when your browser accesses the website, and how. It can also enable a range of functionality that is essential for some websites, for example ensuring an online shopping website remembers what you have in your shopping basket/cart!

How and why do we use cookies?

We use analytics cookies via a third-party, Google Analytics, so that we can analyse the way people use our Site. This means we can learn more about how many browsers (and from this, we tend to assume people) visit our website, how many are repeat or new visitors and other information about your visit (e.g. how many pages people tend to browse and how long they use our Site for). We use this information to help us to improve our Site. The cookies collect information in a way that does not directly identify anyone. 

What if I don’t want Did They Help’s website to temporarily store a cookie in my browser?

Currently we do not offer the ability to ‘turn off’ Google Analytics for different users. Therefore assuming you have already visited our site you would need to manually delete our cookies from your browser, then not use our website going forward. Here are some links for different browsers to help you find out how to manually manage cookies (or you can use a search engine online to learn what you need):

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  5. Opera
  6. Apple Safari

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