Did Exxon stand up for LGBTQ rights?


  • Based out of Texas, the huge oil company has been fighting for years against non-discrimination protection and equal benefits coverage for their employees. For the 14th year, the issue was on the table for the shareholders’ meeting this past spring, and for the 14th year, Exxon wouldn’t budge. They’ve even taken extreme measures to try to erase the agenda all together: in 2015, the company went so far as to ask the Securities and Exchange Commission for a ruling that it needn’t keep including the proposal on its ballot, but was rejected. And although before Mobil was acquired by Exxon, they had policies to protect discrimination against gay men and lesbians, and even offered benefits to same-sex couples, Exxon took that all away once it had Mobil in its clutches in 1999. It did the same thing to XTO Energy in 2009 (Huffpost)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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