How does the rating system work?

We award a point for each positive action or good deed a company/person takes to support people during the coronavirus pandemic. For each negative action or bad deed, we minus a point.

These actions and deeds are crowd-sourced by us or nominated by our readers, and must originate from reputable media sources, verified Twitter accounts (for individuals) or corporate/legal entity social media (for companies and organisations). Our team of volunteers make a judgement call on which aspects of a story count for an individual “point”, and each post is vetted by at least two people.

Actions are not assessed on weight of impact or severity. We believe that, at this time, that would be even more subjective than our current process.

In short, if a business has +4 points, it’s most likely they have done four good deeds.

What makes someone a “hero” or a “zero”?

Any company or influential person who has done a good deed and has a positive score (above 0) is marked as a “hero”, and anyone who has done a bad deed and has a negative score (below 0) is marked as a “zero”.

This means that some “heroes” can have minus scores, and some “zeroes” can have positive ones!

Are you concerned about the negative impact on individuals listed on your site?

We believe we have a duty of care to ensure that, particularly individuals, are not unduly presented in a negative light on this website. We take special precautions around individuals (such as celebrities) to try to prevent unfair criticism.

This is difficult, as we are a user-submitted content based site, and we struggle daily to balance the number of perspectives we receive. We often mark individuals as “it’s complicated” when we feel that a judgement would be too problematic. We ask our readers to please submit feedback if you feel we have failed in this endeavour on any listing.