Did Walmart help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  • Accused of price gouging by Attorneys General during the pandemic (NPR) EDIT: Removed on 7th April 2020 because the AG was calling on companies, such as Walmart, to more aggressively go after profiteers who use these companies online marketplace to list their products (Fool)
  1. Announced they’d give front-line workers a raise during COVID-19 pandemic (CBC)
  2. Waiving rent for a variety of businesses, including restaurant franchisees, that operate in Sam’s Club and Walmart Supercenter locations, an effort to help small businesses that are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic (MarketWatch)
  3. The majority of their associates and family members have everyday access to $4 telehealth doctor visits. They are waiving this fee for those plan members, providing them access to medical and behavioral services at no cost to them (Walmart)
  4. Walmart will pay a bonus of up to $300 to every hourly employee (Business Insider)
  5. Walmart hires 200,000 associates and pays $180 Million in early associate bonuses (Walmart)
  6. Walmart launched a Pickup hour for people most at-risk for COVID-19 (Walmart)
  7. Walmart, Flipkart and Walmart Foundation Provide INR 460 Million of Support to India’s COVID-19 Fight (Walmart)
  8. Donated $1 million to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to support their efforts to help small businesses, including support for the LISC Rapid Relief and Resiliency Fund. The Fund helps provide emergency assistance to small business owners impacted by the pandemic (Sam’s Club)
  9. Walmart and Nextdoor announced the launch of their “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program, an effort to make it easier for neighbors across the country to help one another during the COVID-19 pandemic (Walmart)
  10. They’re tapping into their supply chain and apparel expertise to help McKesson source and deliver more than 2.5 million gowns and coveralls by the end of April. They’re also add another 6 million gowns into the supply chain in May, with millions more in June and beyond (Walmart)
  11. They also partnered with Salesforce and State Farm to provide 1 million masks, 100,000 gloves and 100,000 shoe coverings to health care workers in Michigan and Louisiana (Walmart)
  12. In New York City, they donated approximately 50,000 masks to hospitals in need (Walmart)
  13. In California, when their stores found masks in their storage rooms left from last year’s wildfires, they worked quickly to donate approximately 3,600 masks to medical centers that serve underserved communities in Los Angeles County (Walmart)
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