Did Vodafone help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  • Vodafone UK to introduce £6 charge per day to continue using their text, call and data allowances in Turkey, many of whom will have been left stranded by the mass cancellation of flights until at least June 2020 (ispreview)
  1. Unlimited data for UK customers, NHS workers and vulnerable customers for 30 days (Mirror)
  2. Hospitals are being offered additional network capacity and services, emergency calls are being prioritised, and accessing government-supported healthcare websites will not impact data allowances (Telecoms)
  3. Free access to governments’ educational resources will also be offered (Telecoms)
  4. Government agencies have been offered the opportunity to disseminate critical information via text alerts, and where possible, targeted text messaging will be introduced (Telecom)
  5. Facilitating working from home and helping the small and micro businesses within Vodafone’s Supply Chain (Telecom)
  6. Wherever technically possible, and legally permissible, Vodafone will be willing to assist governments in developing insights based on large anonymised data sets. This could be a very important tool for governments in understanding the challenge which is being faced (Telecom)
  7. Vodafone’s DreamLab app helps to find ways to fight Covid-19 with your help (Evening Standard)
  8. M-PESA (owned in part by Vodafone) and Safaricom Foundations is committing KES200 Million toward providing food and nutrition to Kenyans in need (Safaricom)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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