Did UPS help during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It's complicated

  1. Managed and brokered 25 chartered flights for the US Coronavirus Taskforce “Project Airbridge” in order to expedite the distribution of critical supplies (UPS)
  2. “In early February, as Wuhan was in the thick of its fight with COVID-19, UPS provided free air transport for two million masks, 11,000 protective suits and 280,000 pairs of medical gloves to China.” (Forbes)
  3. “UPS is implementing end-to-end solutions to help states set up COVID-19 testing centers in the parking lots of schools and Walmarts. They ship in the equipment to build the tents, the testing kits, and the protective equipment and then they ship out the patient samples to be tested at relevant facilities. UPS Healthcare has also partnered with the VA hospital network to coordinate logistics for COVID-19 testing along with a few companies that are developing in-home testing kits, including LetsGetChecked.” (Forbes)
  • Some warehouse workers said supervisors had rebuffed them when they pleaded for bleach, masks, gloves and a ready supply of hand sanitizer. Employees continue to be jammed shoulder to shoulder along conveyor belts and required to maintain rituals such as security pat-downs (NYTimes)
  • A supervisor told them that taking too many sick days could cost them their job. “They don’t want people faking sick, I guess, but what they are doing is creating a climate of fear,”. (NYTimes)
  • Reports of management keeping reports of sick employees a secret.  Delivery drivers state that this impairs their ability to remain healthy by being made purposefully unaware of who might be infected (NBC)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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