Did Tesco help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Tesco introduce new opening hours for NHS workers (Express)
  2. Tesco has also agreed that staff with symptoms of Covid-19 or living in a household showing symptoms, or are classed as vulnerable will receive contractual pay if they are following government guidance to stay off work (Retail Gazette)
  3. Staff in its stores, distribution centres and customer engagement centres will get a 15% bonus (Tesco)
  4. The bonus is backdated from the 9 March, and runs until the 9 May (BBC)
  5. 12 weeks’ paid leave for vulnerable staff (iNews)
  6. In store changes for safey: 2m distance, lines to get in, disinfecting hands before entering, shields for checkout staff (Ads on TV)
  7. Tesco launch half price Indian takeaway offer and deals on ice cream and alcohol during pandemic (Mirror)
  8. Tesco adds 200,000 more delivery slots online to help vulnerable shoppers (Mirror)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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