Did TELUS help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Waived home internet overages and roaming fees (TELUS)
  2. Flexible payment options (TELUS)
  3. Free channels and learning resources (TELUS)
  4. Enabling virtual healthcare options (TELUS)
  5. Most employees working from home & most stores closed while still paying employees (TELUS)
  6. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has announced a $10 million commitment to help urgently support and enhance public healthcare capacity and community response across Canada (TELUS)
  7. Announced a $500,000 donation to the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC), Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and University of British Columbia (UBC) Hospital Foundation to assist in the search for therapeutic antiviral treatments for COVID-19 (TELUS)
  8. TELUS is extending its support for low-income families by waiving all fees for its Internet for Good program for two months. Customers enrolled in the program will have access to high-speed internet in their home at no cost for 60 days as well as wireless service to frontline hospital workers in Ontario. The company says that currently, over 200,000 Canadian families, who receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit, qualify for this program (ITworldcanada & TELUS)
  9. Donated over 10,000 prepaid devices and SIM cards valued at $1.2M to healthcare practitioners, social workers, COVID-19 patients & isolated seniors (TELUS, MobileSyrup & Facebook)
  10. They also offered access to up to 15,000 data plans to facilitate Quebec students’ return to class starting on May 4. This initiative will support continued learning by providing families with LTE access (TELUS)
  11. CEO donated his salary for three months to front-line healthcare workers (TELUS)
  12. TELUS expands digital platform to allow B.C. healthcare providers to virtually monitor patients with COVID-19 (Mobilesyrup)
  13. The TELUS Victoria Community Board will direct $350,000 in funding to Vancouver Island charities, responding to the COVID-19 p\demic (Times Colonist)
  14. TELUS launches Internet for Good for Students program offering high speed internet from home for only $9.95 per month (TELUS)
  15. TELUS are providing a fleet of service vehicles that will distribute meals for a food coalition aimed to feed the disadvantaged while saving restaurants and the food-supply chain (The Globe and Mail)
  16. The TELUS Edmonton Community Board and the company’s Calgary Community Board announced donations to local charities to help them during the Covid-19 pandemic which will amount to $1 million in 2020 (CARTT.ca)
  17. TELUS Health has announced it will be permitting 26,000 doctors across the country to conduct virtual visits by integrating virtual visits into TELUS Health’s electronic medical records (EMRs)(Inbrampton)
  18. TELUS are providing data to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, stem its spread, lessen its health and economic impacts, coordinate health care, or contribute to studies that could prevent or mitigate future phases of COVID-19 or other pandemics (TELUS)
  19. They are enabling their customers to round up their monthly bill and donate the difference to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to support Canadians through the public health crisis (TELUS)
  20. TELUS Vancouver Community Board announced it is directing $200,000 in grants to local, grassroots charities across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to support organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is committing another $600,000 for a total of $800,000 to be given out in 2020 (Globe News Wire)
  21. TELUS announced it is crediting monthly rate plan charges for two months for frontline healthcare workers at select hospitals in areas across the province that have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. The credit will be available to eligible TELUS and Koodo customers to help them stay connected to the people and information that matter most (TELUS)
  22. TELUS helped small business who had to fully or partially close due to the pandemic by purchasing $500,000 in gift cards (Twitter)
  23. TELUS launches unique critter masks in support of the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation – proceeds from each mask will go to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to support public healthcare efforts and COVID-19 relief efforts across Canada (TELUS)
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