Did Target help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Illness/quarantine pay (Target, Target & Target)
  2. Waiving of absentee policy (Target, Target & Target)
  3. HQ employees work from home (Target, Target & Target)
  4. Reduced total hours to help with in-store cleaning/stocking (Target, Target & Target)
  5. Changes to return policy (Target, Target & Target)
  6. Dedicated “at-risk” shopping hours (Target, Target & Target)
  7. Expanded childcare support/care (Target, Target & Target)
  8. Limits on critical supplies to prevent hoarding (Target, Target & Target)
  9. $300 million investment in employees related to Covid-19 (Target, Target & Target)
  10. Target paying $2 more and bonuses for those working to support the country during this time (CNBC)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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