Did T-Mobile help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. All current T-Mobile customers on plans that have data are provided with unlimited smartphone data while on the T-Mobile network for 60 days (T-Mobile)
  2. They are also providing additional mobile hotspot data
  3. Offering Lifeline partners more data (T-Mobile)
  4. Also increasing the data allowance for schools and students using EmpowerED over that same period of time (T-Mobile)
  5. They took extra steps to ensure that their network continues to perform and meet increased demand including, spectrum sharing agreements with Comcast, DISH and others to deliver a 58% increase in capacity of our 600 MHz spectrum coverage (T-Mobile)
  6. T-Mobile is reducing staffing levels and increasing distances between workstations at its customer service centers, which are separate from the retail locations. It will continue paying customer service employees at “Care” centers if they need to stay home due to COVID-19 symptoms; are at high risk; or have had exposure to anyone who has the virus (Geek Wire)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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