Did Starbucks help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  • Starbucks remain open despite employees begging the company to shut down stores because of Coronavirus: ‘Coffee Is Not Essential’ (Vice)
  1. Free coffee to first responders and 500k donation (The Hill)
  2. Close all stores but will pay staff (The Hill)
  3. Free drinks for public sector workers (Express)
  4. Set up ““catastrophe pay” will be available to employees, regardless of whether they are showing symptoms, for up to 14 days” along with  ““additional pay replacement” for as much as 26 weeks to employees unable to return to work after that period” (SeattleTimes)
  5. Expanding the child care service to 20 days coverage of paying a care.com caretaker (Starbucks)
  6. The Japan shops suspended the bring-your-own-tumbler, but drink tickets are still valid (starbucks.co.jp -translated)
  7. They switched to disposable utensils (starbucks.co.jp -translated)
  8. Suspending condiment service, etc, to reduce direct contact. (starbucks.co.jp -translated)
  9. They are cancelling orientation and onboarding for new employees entering this April (“FY 2020” in Japan), implementing time-staggered commuting (presumably for all employees), and mobile work (presumably for corporate office employees) (starbucks.co.jp -translated)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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