Did Sitel Plymouth help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  • Reports of call centres remaining open during COVID-19 crisis with employees sat less than a 1m apart and hot-desking (Inews)
  • Reports also indicates that “people [were] being instructed to go to work despite living with family members who are showing symptoms of Covid-19” (Inews)
  1. However, Sitel responded to these allegations in an official response to local paper Plymouth Herald saying that it has “directed all sites to follow stricter social distancing practices in line with recent government directives and increased cleaning measures.” A spokesperson added: “We are recruiting rapidly to ensure that we support the NHS to deal with the large rise in demand for advice during the coronavirus pandemic, but these claims are categorically untrue. “Recruits receive initial training advised by the NHS along with ongoing refreshers and updates. They can refer those enquiries who need it to trained clinicians for advice. “And like many organisations we have been ramping up measures to protect our staff against infection, implementing social spacing as recommended and staff being asked to sanitise their hands when they enter and leave the building.” (Inews)

Is this post accurate/complete?

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