Did Qurate Retail, Inc. help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. All team members who can work at home are now doing so, including virtually all of their office team members around the world and most members of their customer service teams (Qurate Retail)
  2. For team members who need to perform their jobs on-site, including their fulfilment center and studio production teams, they’ve reduced the number of people on-site to allow for more social distancing; limited visitors and screening all people who come into their sites; and elevated cleaning protocols in alignment with the CDC’s recommendations (Qurate Retail)
  3. Providing up to 80 hours of emergency time off pay for certain COVID-19 related situations, and options for their team members to receive partial emergency time off pay for any reason (Qurate Retail)
  4. Offering recognition pay through the end of April to include an increase of $2 per hour for all hourly team members and an increase for salaried team members (Qurate Retail)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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