Did MORRISONS help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Morrisons said the creation of a new colleague hardship fund will aim to support colleagues who are in financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus outbreak (Retail Gazette)
  2. Morrisons also said staff who are sick with the coronavirus will receive sick pay whether or not they would normally be eligible (Retail Gazette)
  3. They are also implementing immediate payments for its smaller suppliers (Retail Gazette)
  4. Setting up a dedicated customer call centre for orders to be taken over the phone so that people who do not shop online can still order food. (Marketing Week)
  5. Morrisons introduced a Speedy Shopping for customers doing smaller ‘basket’ shops at all of its stores – so that they can get in and out more quickly (Morrisons)
  6. Morrisons customers are able to order a British Farmers Food Box bursting with UK seasonal produce including meats, vegetables, milk and cheeses during the crisis (Morrisons)
  7. Morrisons and Amazon announced they were expanding their same-day, online grocery delivery service to Prime members – covering most of London and more cities across the UK (Morrisons)
  8. Morrisons have begun selling flour direct from its in-store bakeries as customers turn to home baking during the coronavirus pandemic (Morrisons)
  9. Morrisons announces new measures to support farmers during coronavirus pandemic such as a 5% discount on shopping in Morrisons stores, a steak and seafood bars amongst other measures (Morrisons)
  10. Morrisons announced a 10% discount on shopping for all NHS heroes to support them through the Covid-19 pandemic (Morrisons)
  11. Morrisons Foundation has set aside a £500,000 fund over the next three months to help charities offer additional protection, services and support to the homeless as a result of Covid-19 (Morrisons)
  12. Morrisons and Deliveroo are announcing a partnership to enable customers to order from 70 essential household items from Morrisons stores for on-demand delivery (Morrisons)
  13. Morrisons announced a new dedicated telesales shopping service aimed specifically at helping to ensure vulnerable and elderly people can get the groceries they need (Morrisons)
  14. Morrisons is recognising the huge effort by its colleagues who are helping to feed the nation during the coronavirus outbreak by increasing this year’s annual bonus payout threefold from last year (Morrisons)
  15. Morrisons will also be sending deliveries of ambient food – such as canned goods and pasta – to its stores to also give to their local food bank. Altogether, £10 million of food will be distributed to food banks by Morrisons community champions – in-store colleagues who work with the local community (Morrisons)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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