Did McDonalds help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. At corporate-owned restaurants in the U.S., they announced on the week of March 9, that they are providing two weeks of paid leave for employees who are impacted by the virus (McDonalds)
  2. McDonald’s also supported the new Coronavirus Relief Package that passed Congress this week and provides two weeks of paid sick leave. The package, requires a large number of our franchisees to offer paid sick leave to their employees (McDonalds)
  3. All of its stores across the region in the UK are understood to be offering NHS and emergency service workers a free hot or cold drink (The Northern Echo)
  4. McDonald’s Gives 1 Million Masks to Chicago and Illinois (Patch)
  5. McDonald’s rolls out wellness checks, will test employee temperatures (Restaurant Dive)
  • While McDonald’s pays workers of their corporate owned locations, 95% are not corporate owned and won’t receive anything. 80% are not covered by the bill (NYTimes)
  • Leaked McDonalds recording shows the company is fighting against parts of Trump’s coronavirus bill that would give workers paid sick leave (Business Insider)
  • Did not reveal to 80% of staff at a location that one of them tested positive (ABC)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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