Did Lowe’s help during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It's complicated

  • No adjustment to opening hours to accommodate staff, “operating with normal opening hours, and trying to capitalise on a crisis as competitors such as Target and Home Depot take more steps to limit the spread of the corona virus pandemic”(Vice)
  • Although they are offering paid sick leave, there are reports from staff that they’re being forced to jump through hoops to get the two weeks off, and that’s only if you can get your manager to approve it – which is proving difficult (Melmagazine)
  • Continues to promote Spring Black Friday Sales that are in-store only and will draw large crowds.  These include deals on non-essentials like patio furniture, grills and outdoor tools (CBS Pittsburgh)
  1. Bonus to hourly rate staff ” $300 for full-time associates and $150 for part-time and seasonal associates.” (NewsRoom
  2. Donating $25m in the economy including $10 million ” in essential protective products to help keep medical professionals on the front lines safe. ” (WCNC)
  3. They’re setting aside $80 million for their employee relief fund, emergency paid leave for people who get the virus; or have to take care of people (kids, relatives, etc.) (WCNC)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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