Did London Drugs help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. London Drugs has been designated an essential service, allowing it to remain open during the coronavirus outbreak. With 82 stores in Western Canada, including four in Greater Victoria and two in Nanaimo, it is offering shelf space for the products of small businesses, many of which have closed their doors due to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic (Vancouver Courier)
  2. They’re accepting at till donations for the United Way in all 82 stores and online at LondonDrugs.com. Funds raised will go directly to United Way initiatives supporting those most affected by COVID-19 (London Drugs)
  3. They announced that they are introducing special shopping times for seniors and those with disabilities (Straight)
  4. London Drugs is expanding its community support program to continue to help more seniors and vulnerable individuals who are self-isolating. Starting in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley with potential expansion to more areas, a new collaboration with United Way connects ready and willing volunteers with vulnerable people right in their own neighbourhood – offering to help with food delivery, home maintenance work and other assistance during COVID-19 (London Drugs)
  5. They are reserving the last hour of the shopping day for workers on the the front lines of the novel coronavirus pandemic (Global News)
  6. London Drugs is helping Girl Guides of Canada distribute its 800,000 boxes of cookies that have sitting unsold in storage in B.C. due to to the COVID-19 pandemic (Times Colonist)
  7. Supported local communities with donations of phones to keep seniors isolated in care homes connected to the ones they love (Grocery Business)
  8. Sold $5 cowbells at all of its stores and online, with net proceeds going to COVID-19 healthcare needs in Canada’s Western provinces (Drugstore News)
  9. Labelled Canadian products to boost sales of local businesses struggling due to the virus (London Drugs)
  10. Set limits on certain items to avoid panic-buying (Global News)
  11. Used various methods and equipment to help protect staff and customers (Chain Drug Review)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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