Did Harvard University help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  • Harvard gave students 5 days to get off campus, but did not take in to consideration the gravity of this for this who were international, or on financial aid, or have other difficulties. In the end, many students were largely supported by alumni who helped them with storage, moving, finding housing. Eventually Harvard stated that students could have a week extension (many senior thesis were due that week), which essentially meant that the students lost their spring break (since now all their work was due the week of spring break) (Fast Company, Harvard & Business Insider)
  • Harvard is giving custodial and dining hall staff only 30 days of paid leave (rather than through the end of the academic year like other universities), and not paying the dining hall staff who are subcontractors (The Crimson & Free Beacon)
  • Despite the majority of campus knowing that 2 students were being tested for COVID-19 (and at least one had tested positive before 10th March – see comment in the Crimson article, which has been independently confirmed by staff with HPH), Harvard did not disclose that students were being tested until 12th (The Crimson)
  • Harvard are taking $9 Million in stimulus money when it has a $40 billion endowment (Forbes)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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