Did Google help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Google’s sets up a coronavirus testing website (The Guardian)
  2. Google launched an educational website on coronavirus (Business Insider)
  3. Google teamed up with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to make owners of Google Home and Google Nest devices more aware of how diligently they should be washing their hands as cases of COVID-19 continue to soar across the UK, Europe and United States (Express)
  4. Google is exploring ways to use location information to slow the spread of the coronavirus by, for example, determining the effectiveness of social distancing (Reuters)
  5. Big data provides a wellspring of insight, and there are already examples of that amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Tech companies have signalled a willingness to aid relief efforts by providing such information to researchers. One such survey effort seems to be underway with Google Opinion Rewards asking people if they have symptoms related to the coronavirus (9to5google)
  6. IBM, the Energy Department national laboratories, Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud, Amazon.com Inc.’s Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Corp. and others, established the Covid-19 High Performance Computing Consortium. Compute resources are being donated to empower researchers around the world to accelerate understanding of the COVID-19 virus and the development of treatments and vaccines to help address infections (XSEDE)
  7. They provide $6.5 million in funding to fact-checkers and nonprofits fighting misinformation around the world, with an immediate focus on coronavirus (Google)
  8. Google Offers $800 Million to Virus Relief, Including Ad Credits (Bloomberg)
  9. The $130 entry fee for their Stadia Gaming Service is being waived indefinitely, as interest in playing video games surges during the coronavirus pandemic (NYTimes)
  10. Providing free access to their advanced Google Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally including: larger meetings, for up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain & the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive (Google)
  11. Google Fi increases data limit to 30GB (PCMag)
  12. Google has created a fund to enable all its contract and temporary workers globally to take paid sick leave if they have potential COVID-19 symptoms or are in quarantine (Businessinsider)
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