Did General Motors help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. General Motors speeds up ‘Project V’ to build ventilators in Indiana for COVID-19 (National Post)
  2. General Motors are working with Ventec Life Systems to manufacture roughly 10,000 critical care ventilators per month (General Motors)
  3. The company are directing $2 million in grant funding to nonprofit organizations across the country to address increasing critical needs (General Motors)
  4. Complimentary in-vehicle data for all their Wi-Fi equipped vehicle owners is being offered for a limited time with an allotment of three gigabytes of data for three months (whichever comes first) (General Motors)
  5. On March 20, General Motors brought in an initial team to turn an empty 2.7 million-square-foot factory into a mask making facility. Work started Monday and, by April 8, some 20,000 masks will be produced at the formally shuttered Warren Transmission plant in Metro Detroit. Once all the kinks have been worked out, the automaker could be producing up to 50,000 masks a day, 1.5 million a month and selling those masks at cost (Jalopnik)
  6. General Motors instructed employees to work from home from 16th March – which was earlier than most & before a lock down (Click on Detroit)
  7. They also shut down their N. American factory on 18th March (Business Journal Daily)
  8. General Motors announced they are forming a COVID-19/Coronavirus Task Force to implement enhanced protections for manufacturing and warehouse employees at all three companies (UAW)
  9. GM dedicated space in each of its 5 Brazilian manufacturing plants to repair and refurbish ventilators across the country (GM Authority)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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