Did Everton FC help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Everton have launched a ‘Blue Family’ scheme, a campaign to maintain contact with fans and provide vital support and assistance to “some of the most vulnerable, socially isolated and at-risk members of the community” (BBC)
  2. The club have given £50,000 to launch the scheme which will deliver food parcels, give phone credit to those who need it and offer mental health support and advice (BBC)
  3. On 24 March, Everton and Everton in the Community announced they had committed to paying all directly engaged matchday and non-matchday casual workers for the rest of the season (BBC)
  4. The club said it was also encouraging its partners and suppliers to follow its lead in paying casual workers during this time (BBC)
  5. Provided education & entertainment for kids to help parents at home (Twitter)
  6. Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti & players agree wage deferrals (BBC)
  7. The Board of Directors, together with the manager, his backroom team, the nine members of the Club’s Executive Leadership Team and other senior staff, voluntarily agreed at the very start of this crisis to reductions and deferrals in salary of up to 30%. Those Club personnel have been supported by the First Team squad, who have voluntarily agreed to deferrals of up to 50% for the next three months (Everton)
  8. The fan-led option of donating to the #BlueFamily campaign through season ticket/lounge members’ refunds has seen just under £400k raised (Twitter)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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