Did DoorDash help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Offering no-contact delivery in the wake of Covid-19 (USAToday)
  2. Two weeks of paid sick leave for deliverers who are affected by Covid-19 or who are quarantined by public health authorities, allowing independent restaurants to join the platform with zero commissions for 30 days (USAToday)
  3. No commission fees on pick-up orders for existing partners (USAToday)
  4. DoorDash donated $150,000 to the Mavs Foundation, which distributes the money it raises to nonprofit organizations that support foster care, victims of domestic abuse and families struggling with homelessness and hunger (Forbes)
  5. The company partnered with the United Way to help deliver millions of pounds of groceries to feed insecure households, the elderly and others who are mobility impaired (Forbes)
  • Denied employee’s sick pay request on the grounds that his doctor’s note did not explicitly mention COVID-19. Yet it also suspended him for two weeks, without pay, for the safety of “the DoorDash community.” (Yahoo)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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