Did AT&T help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. 20% bonus for frontline employees (AT&T)
  2. Paid time off for employees (AT&T)
  3. Working from home implemented (AT&T)
  4. Starting March 13, 2020, residential customers who experience economic hardship related to the coronavirus pandemic will get additional relief for the next 60 days. They are waiving: late payment fees for postpaid wireless, home phone, internet, U-verse TV, and DIRECTV (AT&T)
  5. They are waiving: domestic postpaid wireless plan overage charges for data, voice, or text (AT&T)
  6. Through at least May 13, they are automatically increasing mobile hotspot data by 15GB per line for all postpaid unlimited plans that include an allotment of mobile hotspot data (AT&T)
  7. All AT&T consumer home internet wireline customers, as well as Fixed Wireless Internet, can use unlimited internet data (AT&T)
  8. $10M Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund to help families get the tools and resources they need for at-home learning (AT&T)
  9. They also committed $1.2 Million to Small Businesses Focused on Distance Learning Solutions (AT&T)
  10. Curb-side pick-up – when your order is ready, they will deliver it to your car. Existing customers can get curb-side pick-up for online orders at an open AT&T store (AT&T)
  11. $5.5 million commitment to provide much needed support – in the form of nourishing meals – for first responders, medical personnel and others on the front lines COVID-19 (AT&T)
  12. AT&T announced that first responder public safety agencies on FirstNet can get premium FirstNet Ready™ smartphone devices for free for their agency paid users to connect them to critical communications when and where they need it most (AT&T)
  13. AT&T worked out an agreement with the Navy Exchange Command that allows military personnel stationed on selected Navy ships to make calls to their loved ones through April 30 at no cost to the Navy or its sailors (AT&T)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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