Did Ally Bank help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Waiving fees for overdrafts, excessive transactions, and expediting checks and debit cards at no charge until 7/18/20 (Ally)
  2. Current homeowners have the option to defer their Ally Home Loan payment for up to 120 days (Ally)
  3. Existing auto customers have the option to defer their payment (Ally)
  4. Pledged $3 million to help address the emergency needs of our communities (Ally)
  5. Enabled their employees to work remotely until further notice, and offering additional family care benefits, support programs and flexible time off (Ally)
  6. Provided immediate paid leave to anyone diagnosed with the virus (Human Resource Executive)
  7. Provided 100% coverage for virtual health care (Human Resource Executive)
  8. Provided two weeks pay to employees giving care to a family member with the virus (Human Resource Executive)
  9. Expanded childcare to 30 days (Human Resource Executive)
  10. Created an Employee Assistance Program with free access to mental health professionals (Ally)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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