Did ALDI help during the Covid-19 pandemic?


  1. Wage increases: They recently implemented temporary wage increases for those who work in our stores and warehouses to offer extra support during this challenging time (ALDI)
  2. Hiring in stores and warehouses: They hired nearly 7,500 employees and continue to hire more each day. Anyone interested in a temporary position in a store or warehouse can apply (ALDI)
  3. Prioritizing well-being: They’ve adjusted their sick leave policy to ensure employees can put their health first and stay home when they aren’t feeling well (ALDI)
  4. Giving back to the communities: They are donating $1 million to community organizations to support those in need (ALDI)
  5. Hours for vulnerable customers: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, ALDI stores will open at 8:30 a.m. and reserve the first hour of business for vulnerable shoppers. This includes senior citizens, expectant mothers and those with underlying health concerns (ALDI)
  6. Protection at checkout: They are taking steps to install protective barriers at their registers for the health and safety of the customers and employees (ALDI)
  7. Social distancing: They are posting visual cues in their stores, including signage and floor decals, and asking customers and employees to observe social distancing (ALDI)
Is this post accurate/complete?

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