About Us



Why are we doing this? Why set up a website that lists companies and public figures, notes their good and bad deeds and scores them?

In March, the world was united against a common enemy. An airborne, invisible killer, that had already been rampaging through China near the end of 2019, hit the western world. However, this time, not only did governments take notice, so did corporations.

This airborne attacker forced corporations and influential individuals to make decisions – hard decisions. Some went out of their way to support people. However, some did not. There are instances where large corporations, notable billionaires and public figures took negative actions and belittled measures enacted by governments to safeguard that which mattered most, life. As the Covid-19 virus spreads rapidly and everything happens so fast, who did what may blur or be forgotten, which doesn’t seem fair.

So that’s why we did it. This period is completely and utterly unique in modern history, and as a result, it’s revealing what corporations and public figures really care about, and that had to be documented. We decided to compile as much information as we could (thanks to help from the public and volunteers) and put it into an easy-to-search online database… this website.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to document all of the good and bad deeds corporations and public figures have done during this period. It is to create a comprehensive database and keep it available without sponsorship online so that people can make better, more informed decisions in the future about where the spend their money and who they invest in.

We hope to go beyond the Coronavirus pandemic in the future and rank corporations and public figures on other world issues such as global warming, child labour and more. However, for now, we are specifically interested in notable actions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.